Like many Australians I want to do more to reduce my impact on the planet and save resources, but where do you even start and how easy is it? Inspired by the work of Michael Mobbs, I decided to work with him and take my inner-city Sydney terrace house off-grid.

In my blog, Michael and I will show you all the small and big changes you can make whether you own or rent, live in a house or an apartment, have a big budget or small. We will also talk about the challenges you may face and what you can do to overcome them.


My House

My house is based in the inner city Sydney suburb of Newtown. It is a small one-storey, two bedroom worker's cottage on roughly 125 square metres of land.  While I renovate, I am also taking my house off-grid.

Whilst I love the challenge of going off-grid, I am also interested in knowing the smaller things that I can do around the home that make a difference. I'd love to see our stormwater reduced to zero. I think that is totally possible and I will talk about this in my blog.

My house

Michael Mobbs

Michael Mobbs is a true Australian pioneer!  In the 1990s Michael converted his Chippendale home into a sustainable house by modifying the water, energy and waste systems.  Michael has written two books Sustainable House and Sustainable Food which between them have sold over 100,000 copies

What I love about his home is that he has disconnected from the electricity, sewerage and the water grids but you wouldn't know it.

For more details see the list of services and products on Michael’s site here.

You can check out his site here. Or go to


My Blog

Under the watchful eye of Gypsy, I will be regularly updating my blog so you can follow my journey and ask me questions.

Topics will include energy, water, storm-water, insulation, composting sewerage and gas. But I am also interested in those things that aren't obvious that you can be doing either in your renovation or in your everyday life.

At the end of my renovation, Michael Mobbs and I will be publishing an e-book, so email me at if you want me to send you the link to the published book when it is published. But in the meantime, please enjoy the blog!