Creating an off-grid home is all about working with an experienced, open-minded and passionate team.

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Kylie Ahern, Home Owner, Science Publisher

Kylie is a Sydney-based publisher and entrepreneur who co-founded the award-winning science magazine COSMOS and the environmental magazine, Green Lifestyle.

A keen composter and recycler, she felt that there were more things she could do to reduce her impact, so when she decided to renovate her house she decided to challenge herself to go off-grid and publish her experience and tips via a regular blog and in an e-book at the end of the process.


Michael Mobbs, Sustainability Coach

Michael coaches each project member, nominates products, materials, suppliers and design options all of which can best provide solutions which achieve the goals of the client.

Michael is a Sydney-based author and environmental consultant. He worked as an environmental lawyer for 19 years and through this work developed an interest in sustainability. In the 1990s Mobbs converted his Chippendale home into a more sustainable house by modifying the water, energy and waste systems. He regularly opens his house for guided public tours.

In 2009, The (Sydney) Magazine listed Michael Mobbs as one of Sydney's 100 most influential people. He has an ongoing role in the urban food growing movement in Sydney and has been a contributor to the Chippendale verge gardens.

If you want to buy one of Michael's books go here. You can also book a one hour skype session with Michael or you can get him to come on site. For more details see the list of services and products on Michael’s site here.

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Marianna Verlage, Assistant Project Manager

Marianna is a Harvard educated, environmental engineer with a passion for sustainability efforts such as renewable energy production and distribution, green construction, sustainable urban renewal, and education programs related to these topics.  Marianna is making this project happen and we'd be lost without her.

 Gypsy surveys the site.

Gypsy surveys the site.

Gypsy is an 8 year old Portuguese Water Dog who loves bacon, peanut butter, swimming and rolling around in dead fish, especially after a bath.  When she visits the site she loves nothing more than people giving her a rub.