The house is a small worker's cottage based in Newtown, an inner city Sydney suburb.  I'm on approximately 125sqm of land and the house is around 90sqm in size.  I bought it four years ago. I'm renovating it as well as taking it off-grid. This is the first time I have attempted to do either of those.

My aim is to take my house fully off-grid for electricity, water, stormwater, sewerage and gas. Each of those has its own challenges which I will talk about in my blog.

At the moment the house is made up of two bedrooms and one bathroom on one level and it really needs a good overhaul. I am taking the house up a level and moving the main bedroom upstairs, which will mean bigger living space downstairs. Whilst the house will be taller, it will be shorter in length, which will give me a lovely sized deck and garden. 

You don't need to renovate to take your house off-grid. It just happens that I am doing both at once.